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About JPL

Pregnancy loss seems to be one of the last taboos in the Jewish community. There is no support structure for women to turn to in their grief, and no forum where a couple could find information and advice regarding all that happens following perinatal loss. Women who have lost a baby frequently feel awkward talking about it, and friends & family, though well-meaning, often do not know what to say and so often avoided saying anything. All of which contributes to the belief on the part of each woman that ‘I am the only one who’s been through this’, adding feelings of isolation to her sadness.

Jewish Pregnancy Loss came about in order to address all these issues. JPL is here to help every Jewish woman & man who has suffered perinatal loss, regardless of religious observance or affiliation. In order for this site to be open to all Jews, halachic issues are taken to Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu. For a list of organisations & individuals who support our website, click here. Jewish Pregnancy Loss has been read and approved by Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu.

We recognise that everyone is different, so please approach our site in this light: Take what will be helpful for you, discard that which is not, and let us know about anything you would like to see added or changed. We do not intend to just create a website, but an ever-growing community. Contribute your suggestions through our feedback forms; your personal story for publication on the website to, & your advice, thoughts & wisdom through our forums (P”G coming soon).

Wishing you all comfort and hope,

Amanda Bradley & the JPL team.